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Reviews from former and current clients

Beth is a terrific trainer! I am very pleased with how she helped me prepare for my Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. She gained an understanding of the climb profile and trekking demands, and then created a training plan to suit my schedule. My plan included endurance, interval, and strength training. She is an expert in all three of these areas. Additionally, Beth advised me on hydration and nutrition strategies, both in general and for the climb specifically. She was always enthusiastic, communicative, and prompt. My positive trekking experience was largely due to Beth's efforts. Her dedication to client's success is genuine. She'll always work hard to help individuals reach their goals!

- Jack S.

Beth takes the time to find out what your health and fitness goals are and tailors a workout routine that fits your ability and schedule. She is knowledgeable about personal training and explains well how to do the exercises and how and why they are beneficial. She’s positive and encouraging in pushing you to do better each and every session. I also love the accountability she provides between sessions.

- Laura M.

Beth is not only an excellent personal trainer, but also a wonderful person. Her workouts are challenging and always changing so you never get bored. Beth pushes you to work harder than you think you can which makes you feel great when you're done. She gives you tips, tools, and encouragement so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible. If you're looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Beth.

- Debbie M.

She kicks my butt which is exactly what I need.

- Carole Q.

Beth has helped me to transform my body her knowledge and mentoring has been invaluable I highly recommend her

- Judy K.

Beth is exactly the perfect trainer for me. I recently had an ankle injury and needed a trainer who was comfortable with modifications as well as keeping me upbeat and motivated. Beth is a perfect fit.

- Carol M.

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